Korean War

Robert G. Bliss
Robert G. Bliss died Feb. 4, 1953, during Army maneuvers in Germany.
Pfc. Joseph DiNardo
Pfc. Joseph DiNardo has been declared missing in action since Dec. 2, 1950.
Pfc. John R. Gorman
John R. Gorman, 24, was killed in action in Korea on May 18, 1951.
1st Lt. Bernard Hafkin
1st. Lt. Bernard Hafkin was killed in action on Heartbreak Ridge, Korea, on Oct. 19, 1951
John McConnell
S/Sgt. McConnell, an Army recruiter, died on Oct. 9, 1951
Richard Arthur Miller
Fireman 1/c Richard Arthur Miller, 20, was killed in July 1951 during an amphibious landing exercise at Camp Pendleton, Va.
Corp. Alex. MacMillan
Corporal Alex. "Sandy" MacMillan, was killed in action northwest of Honsong, Korea on March 22, 1951.
Pfc. William W. Nolze
Private William Nolze, 26, has now been "presumed dead," after being reported missing in the Korean War since April 24, 1951.
Pfc. Nicholas S. Pucci
Pfc. Nicholas S. Pucci, 18, was killed in action Sept. 6, 1950, in Pusan, Korea.
Pfc. Reed A. Smith
Pfc. Reed Artell Smith died Feb. 15, 1951, as a result of an automobile accident at Camp Breckenridge, Ky.
Pfc. John F. Van Der Linde
Private John F. Van Der Linde was killed in action in Korea on March 15, 1951.
Nutley Sons Honor Roll - Korean War

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