Charles Katt

(April 7, 1944) -- Sgt. Charles W. Katt, U. S. Army, died Nov. 27, 1943.

The War department notified Mrs. Aileen Katt of Conover avenue that her husband had gone down on an Allied troop ship -- likely HMT Rohna --  sunk as the direct result of enemy action.

The soldier, who was graduated from Nutley High School, married Eileen Rulison on July 10, 1941, his 20th birthday and they have a year old son, Charles Richard.
He is also survived by his parents Mr. and Mrs. Richard W. Katt, and three sisters, the Eleanor, Dorothea and Joan.

His son Charles Richard Katt Guttilla was killed in action in Vietnam on Feb. 20, 1967.


Frederick Comer

(January 7, 1944) - Frederick Comer, 38, a private in the 31st Signal Construction Battalion was reported missing in action since Nov. 26.

Pvt. Comer is married to the former Miss Gertrude Miller, daughter of John Miller of 27 Princeton Street. They have a 17-month old son, David.

Pfc. Frederic W. Comer was in the 31st Signal Construction Battalion. He is listed on the Tablets of the Missing, at North Africa American Cemetery, Carthage, Tunisia.

From The Nutley Sun
January 7, 1944
In Different Divisions, Both
Are Casualties On Same Day


John Del Grosso

(Nov. 12, 1943) -- Marine Master Tech. Sgt. John Del Grosso, of Cleveland Street, U.S.M.S.R., died Nov. 8 in the Naval hospital at Corona, Calif. 

He had been under treatment for pernicious anemia - a blood disease, and in spite of several blood transfusions, succumbed suddenly after a short illness.

With him in California, were his wife, the former Blanche Orlando of Race Street, Nutley, and his sons Jack, 11, and Bob, 9. He is also survived by his mother, Mrs. Minnie Del Grosso of Newark.

A Marine for four years before the war, and honorably discharged, Del Grosso re-enlisted shortly after Pearl Harbor.

He had learned to fly in Nutley, and hoped for overseas service.

He was stationed, however, at the Naval Air Base at Santiago, Calif., as a technical instructor where he was joined by his family about a year ago.
There was plenty of action even in California, for Sgt. Del Grosso was on flight duty, making repairs and testing planes.

Nutley residents remember John as the Scoutmaster of Troop 7 and a member of the Franklin Reformed church. He was a watchmaker by trade, and for several years had his own business here.

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