Charles Katt

(April 7, 1944) -- Sgt. Charles W. Katt, U. S. Army, died Nov. 27, 1943.

The War department notified Mrs. Aileen Katt of Conover avenue that her husband had gone down on an Allied troop ship -- likely HMT Rohna --  sunk as the direct result of enemy action.

The soldier, who was graduated from Nutley High School, married Eileen Rulison on July 10, 1941, his 20th birthday and they have a year old son, Charles Richard.
He is also survived by his parents Mr. and Mrs. Richard W. Katt, and three sisters, the Eleanor, Dorothea and Joan.

His son Charles Richard Katt Guttilla was killed in action in Vietnam on Feb. 20, 1967.

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