Korean War Chronology


Nicholas S. Pucci, Pfc. KIA September 6, 1950 Pusan, Korea

Joseph DiNardo, Pfc. KIA December 1950, Korea

Reed Smith, Pfc. Feb. 15, 1951 Camp Breckenridge, Ky.

John F. Van Der Linde, Pfc. KIA March 15, 1951, Korea

Alex Mac Millan, Corp. KIA March 22, 1951, Korea

William W. Nolze, Pfc. KIA/MIA April 1951, Korea

John R. Gorman, Pfc. KIA May 18, 1951, Korea

Richard Arthur Miller, July 1951 Camp Pendleton, Va.

Bernard Hafkin, 1st Lt., KIA Oct. 19, 1951, Korea

Robert G. Bliss, Feb. 4, 1953 Germany

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